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How to Make Money Online From Flipping Websites

How to Make Money Online From Flipping Websites

How to Make Money Online From Selling WebsitesThe internet as many people see it has become a platform for buying and selling around the world with lots of businesses changing hands with each second that passes by. One of the businesses that seem to be leading the race in this regards is website flipping which is also known as virtual real estate. It is a very profitable business that many webmasters are jumping into everyday just to get a share of the pie. If you are interested in learning how to profit from this business of selling website, read to the end, there is a free video course to download.

But what actually is website flipping?

Website flipping is the process of building a website, nurturing it for some time, allowing it to gain some web presence and then eventually selling it for a price. The business of buying and selling of websites is so profitable that you can sell your website for 8 – 10 times what you are earning monthly from that site.

Alright, I know that you are salivating and itching to get into this business as you can’t wait to get your share of what it has to offer. However, there are things you should know before casting your net so you don’t do anything in vein.

If you learn the ropes very well, then you have a very good chance of becoming a real professional in this business of buying websites and then flipping them eventually for some huge profits.

Discover a red hot market

Nobody wants to buy a business that has no prospects. You have to be thinking in the line of your buyers and what they will want. Make sure that the market that you want to build your business around is very lucrative and that people are really spending some serious money in it ranging from advertisers to customers (web surfers).

There are so many ways you can go about this. One of them is using www.yahoo.com. If you look at the site you will notice they have a section with the subheading “trending”. This is a real goldmine as you can have an idea of what is currently selling and what is not.

Let us assume you noticed people were searching for acne and you then decided that you will build your business around acne.

You need a website

You can’t do this business without a website. This is because it is what you’re going to be selling eventually. The best type of website to build is WordPress blog because of its added functionalities which allows you to do a lot of installations. Also blogs have been discovered to be more SEO friendly than the traditional websites.

What you need to get your website going is a domain and hosting account. When choosing a domain please make sure that you choose something related to what your product is all about. This will add more value to the site. Also make sure that when choosing a name, be sure to stick with .com extension as they have been proven to sell faster than the other extensions like .net, .org and so on. Although they sell, if you want to sell your website fast without hassles, then stick to the .com.

Once you’ve gotten your domain you can go ahead and get a hosting account. Some hosting companies will give you free domain if you’re starting out with them.

Do your keywords research properly.

Let’s get this straight. You can’t survive long in this game without a very sound knowledge of SEO and how it works. Once you’ve found the market you want to build your business around, your keywords should give you more idea of what should be your focus.

Keywords are those groups of words people surfing the web type into search engines to get more information about a particular field. You will make use of the Google keyword tool as it is free and also powerful.

When searching for a particular keyword you have to watch out for three major things which are:

Searches per month (shouldn’t be less than 1,000)

Competiting websites (shouldn’t be more than 40,000)

Profitability (people must be advertising on that keyword to make sure that it can earn money).

Get people to your site

Let me open your eyes so that you can understand how important this really is in this online business model. The people that are going to be buying your site are interested in the number of persons visiting that site on a monthly basis.

Get as much targeted traffic to your site as you can to increase its value. Once you can do this, its earning potentials will be high.

Finally register with portals where you can sell your site online. There are plenty of them and best of all is that they are free. Just state everything you know about your site that you know can convince your buyers to bring out their credit cards and make the purchase.Video Course - Flipping Website

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