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How to Make Money Online From Flipping Websites

How to Make Money Online From Google Adsense

make-money-online-google-adsenseHave you been blogging all these years for fun? Then I have got some news for you and that is the fact that you can now blog for cash through Google adsense program. Google adsense program has been around for some years and people who know how to do it have been smiling to the bank since its introduction.

Maybe you should understand what this program actually is all about

Google adsense is a program where you sign up with Google and allow its ads to be displayed on your site. Therefore when people click on such ads you get paid every time.  It is a simple yet powerful program that can make you quit your job.

There are things you need to know about this program before it can actually work for you. This is to make sure you strike a balance between not flouting Google’s rules and at the same time ensuring that you make a reasonable amount of money from the program. Below are the things you must consider to make money out of it.

Study your niche comprehensively

This is very important in this business model. You have to know which market to build your site around. Just like I said initially, you are paid based on when people click on the ads on your site placed by Google.

This simply means that you don’t want to choose a niche that people are not paying well for advertisement. Still don’t understand? Let me explain a little further. Just as markets are different, that is how advertisement rates are different. Some niches command high advertisement rates on per click bases while others don’t.

In this vein, learn to stick to those markets that have high cost per click so as to avoid you making little or nothing at the end of the month. To get a hint on what Google is likely to pay in a particular niche, use her keyword tool to find out about competitive keywords that can make you some serious money.

When you log into your account, you will have to type in the niche you want to see the keywords. It shows you a list of keywords, just look at how much advertisers are paying to get a rough idea about how much you will be paid.

Google Adsense Profits
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Drive traffic any how you can to your page

This is one online business model I know that you can get traffic from anywhere. People need to see your site and what you have to offer. Not only that you have to add content continuously to your site in the form of video, audio, free reports and so on.

The aim of this is to keep them on the site for as long as possible. It has been researched that people visit sites and stay for a very short time because they can’t seem to find anything that will keep them busy.

Keeping them busy will make them click on the ads on your site.  One sure way to go around this is to make sure that you add as much content to your website as possible and then submit those same articles to article directories for more traffic.

Hey! You can even outsource the traffic part to freelancers. Although, it is not advisable, it can be a real goldmine once you can get someone who will be driving real visitors to your page.

And finally make sure you avoid Google’s penalty

You want to ask what is this penalty all about right? Well it is called click fraud. A situation where Google feels that people are clicking on your ads too much and the IPs seem to be coming from the same location.

I know this business sounds tempting but don’t go ahead telling your friends and loved ones to go to your page and then start clicking on  the ads because they will find out and such can lead to a termination of your account.

Given all these steps to make money online from Google adsense, I am very sure that you are well equipped to start the process of quitting your day job and earning your very first check from Google.

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