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Save Money by Integrating your Work Travel with a Family Holiday

Save MoneyTravelling for either business or pleasure can be a very expensive affair, as you have to pay for your transportation, accommodation while you are away, additional travel expenses (whether it be taxis, care rentals or train journeys), food and drink. However, there are a number of ways you can mix the two together, meaning that you will be able to save enough money to spend on an enjoyable holiday with your family, seeing the many tourist attractions you have on your bucket list, all while stay up to date on your work load before or in between catching some rays on the beach and spending some quality time with your family.

In this article we are going to look at three ways you can work seamlessly while on holiday abroad – if you are willing to try to mix business with pleasure – integrating the two together while saving and making money while you are away from home:

Use a Business Centre 

If you are travelling for business first and adding a week on to your business trip for a vacation afterwards, then there might be a need to have a stable and more ‘permanent’ space to work in while you are in the country. There are a number of companies who offer serviced offices or business centre, as well as globally, that include a number of packages offering day offices, business lounges, meeting rooms, temporary office space that is kitted out with all the necessary amenities, business packages and hot-desking options, depending on your wants and needs. The business lounge offers a place that you can stay productive in between your planned meetings, with the added bonus of having a well-equipped and comfortable workspace. A day office provides you with a space that is peaceful for those who are on the move and need a professional environment to retreat to when they need it; the selection of meeting rooms gives you the opportunity to meet with clients face-to-face or virtually in a dedicated space; the office spaces give you the option to find and pay for a space within your budget range where you can be effective and efficient each and every day; business packages give you the opportunity to have your phone calls and your mail handled by a professional team, as well as having an address in a well-known area. Lastly, hot-desking is a co-working space option that can be booked on a weekly or monthly contract if you need a more flexible working space option while you are travelling, making sure that you always have a space to work in no matter what time of the day or night as most of these working spaces are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Plan Ahead of Time plan ahead

Planning your trip ahead of time is crucial in order for it to go smoothly, as you are not only travelling abroad to have a holiday with your family, but to work too. Start by deciding when you want to work, for example do you mind popping out for a meeting at anytime throughout your travels? Or would you prefer to attend all of your meetings during the first week you’re away so that you can enjoy the second week with your family and without any interruptions? Sit down with your family and plan your schedule together ahead of time, this means that you will all know what to expect when you jet off to your holiday destination, and can plan activities that will keep them busy while you work, and you can plan where and when you are going to work too. Having a plan and a schedule will ensure that you have the adequate amount of time set aside to meet your clients, make that important presentation you have been preparing for and close that important deal, as well as have the adequate amount of time to spend enjoying your holiday with your family or friends.

Stick to Traditional Work and Non-Working Hours 

By rethinking the way you organise your traditional working hours and non-working hours you will be able to enjoy both your holiday and your job while travelling with your family. It is important to not let the lines between work and your holiday get blurred in order to separate the time you spend on each, ensuring you do not spend the majority of your dedicated time off working. If your normal working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, stick to them while you are travelling. By making them your holiday working hours too, you will ensure that you have time to spend with your family, meaning that you will be able to go to breakfast and dinner with them once you have finished working. What’s more, once you have finished working, be sure to avoid checking your emails and taking phone calls, as they will interrupt the time you spend after hours with your family.

Travelling while working is less than ideal, especially if you have a spouse and children, although it is the reality for a lot of people who either own their own business or have high-powered jobs that take up a lot of their time. Frequently travelling for business can take a toll on your personal life, as you may not spend a lot of time with your family as you are constantly working and putting in the hours needed to be successful, however, you can combine both travel and work and to do so it is advisable to take note of the three points above in order to avoid becoming frustrated and overwhelmed while travelling and working.

Integrating the two entities together will be hard at first, as you will need to ensure that you give the right amount of attention not only to your work while you’re away from the office, but to your family too. There is a need to balance travelling for pleasure and being successful at work more than ever in this day and age, and you can set yourself up for success and have a family life if you find the right balance.


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