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Top 5 Sites To Make Money Online From Article Writing

Top 5 Sites Where You Can Make Money as a WriterAre you gifted in article writing and looking for some reliable platforms where you can sell yourself and earn some serious cash in the process? On the last article I published about article writing,  encouraged you to join writing portals (website) where you can meet bloggers and website owners looking for people to write for them. You should also be aware that not all the sites or companies parading themselves as platforms where writers and clients meet on daily basis are real.

In fact, some of these sites are scams and can’t seem to live up to their claims as buyers are always at the mercy of clients who have found ways to get around such platforms without paying  for services rendered. You are about to discover some of the trustworthy article writing sites where you are rest assured of getting paid for your writing skills come the end of the month.

Have you ever heard of Writer bay before?

Anytime I think of article writing, then this is usually the first company that comes to my mind. It is a wonderful site which gives you the opportunity to grow as a writer over the course of time thereby leading to an increase in the price you will command in the writing market.

In this site, payment is effected twice every month through Paypal. It should however be noted that it is a site which is strictly based on writing of term papers and project works for students. Although, it also has articles to be written by its employees around the world.

How do you get inside the members area?

In order for you not to be taken unaware, bear in mind that you must be familiar with the various formats for writing projects like Modern Language Association (MLA) format, American psychology Association (APA) format and Chicago Turban format. This is because your admission into its members area is strictly based on series of test that you will be taking and also an essay you are expected to write.

They will all be thoroughly checked by professional editors before your membership will be approved. Here is their official website: www.writerbay.com

And what about Essay shark?

This is another wonderful company where payment for your services rendered is very much assured. Just like writer bay, you are expected to have a very good command of English language and also be familiar with the various writing formats before you can be approved.

You are to go through two sets of test. The first one is to check your grammatical accuracy, while the other is to check your skills in writing whether you will be up to the required standard. If you don’t go through the first one, then you may not be allowed to take the second test.

Here is the link to their official website: www.essayshark.com

And Iwriter?

When you talk about this company, there will be mixed reviews. This means that some people will tell you it is the best company around as far as article writing is concerned, while others will tell you they are not satisfied with the way their system is structured.

Iwriter is a very good site especially when you are just starting out as a writer as there is no test for your membership to be approved. All what is required of you is to sign up for free and you are in.

It has three membership stages which are: standard, premium and elite pro. When you are just starting out, then you will be limited to jobs in the standard category but as time goes on, you will be promoted to premium once you have completed your given task and gotten some star ratings under your belt. The payment seems to be small once you are a beginner but as time goes on, it will improve.

Here is the link to their official website: www.iwriter.com

Check out quality text

For you to be successful in this site, you will have to learn a lot about article writing. You should know about search engine optimization majorly. Also, try to be versatile in different fields.

This is a very nice way to make some extra income as payment is done through Paypal. Although you should be aware that its editors are strict and you will be required to go through a short 400 – 600 word article test before you will approved as a member.

Here is their official website: www.qualitytext.com

And finally freelancer

This is a great site for beginners to develop their writing skills and then think of how to ply their trades in the big leagues mentioned above. It is a site where you will find people bidding for projects that match their skills.

Hey! If you really want to make money from this site then before you start writing article for anybody, just make sure that the person has created a milestone payment for you. This is because there are lots of fraudsters out there who are looking for free services. Don’t fall for this.

It doesn’t require you to go through any kind of test and membership is totally free. Here is the official website: www.freelancer.com

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