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Ways to keep your employees feel more confident

Ways to keep your employees feel more confidentRunning a business is a dream of many. I think all of us wish to build a company that bestows the best services to the citizens around. However, a fact lesser known to people is that it takes a lot of effort, sleepless nights and experience to build one and it is even more difficult to maintain the name and the relations within the company. You cannot single-handedly run a whole empire or even a start-up.

It is difficult yet more important to maintain the employees or internal communication in your office. Your employees are the ones who would make your company a better place and maintain the class of the services you provide. However, if your workforce is not happy and if they keep your shifting from your company, then it is a huge issue to look upon.

I once heard and now I cannot help but agree to the point which quotes, “Employees don’t leave the jobs, they leave their bosses”. But why is that so? If you, as an employer, make your workforce feel neglected, insulted, or sceptical about themselves, they would rather stay unemployed than being under such an environment.

Further mentioned are the points that you can ensure if you want your employees to generate good outcomes and feel more confident working in your brand:

Appreciate on a Good Job!

Every employee wishes to hear good things about their work. After all, it took them all day’s hard work, no lunch break and full concentration over that one. Therefore, whenever your employee gives you a good job, appreciate them; tell them where they could have done it in an even better way. Owning a company and employing a workforce is not only the important matters, managing a team is as or even more vital given if you want to grow along with your business and team.

I can also quote my own experience here. I personally would feel good if my boss appreciates my work. When I started my first job, my boss was always supportive and cool with all the employees. He would always smile at all of us and joke around trying to make a lighter environment. He once spoke well of his team in front of the clients of our company. Now, you might say that this was his way of gaining a good image of his company; however, I never thought like that, I just felt quite good that my boss appreciated my work in front of others.

This helps you build good company reputation in the eyes of your employees who would go out and speak about your company or they are would also be recommenders for further hiring.

It is your choice if you want to become a leader or just a boss!

Don’t discourage if task done wrongly

Many times it happens that the employees perform in a way it was not supposed to be done or not with as much efficiency. Here’s a thing, they might get discouraged from your words (if you scold them).

Many employers scold their employees in front of the whole team, in a high note, and use inappropriate language; this would be a team breaker! If you see your employee doing a major mistake in the work try and explain to them how this would adversely affect your business or company reputation. Never discourage if the employee does a work wrongly. Rather explain them politely and privately.

Make feedback timely

While you are working it is not important that all the work goes on in a good way only, you would face hurdles, problems and many other scenarios with both the fellow employees and seniors. Therefore, the employees must ensure that they take and give feedback timely to all the employees. It can be monthly or task-based. With each month, give feedback to your employees on how they have improved and how to further have an improvement scope and where they need to work on.

Also, you must take feedback from your employees on how they feel being associated with your company, is there any issue they are facing during work or if they are experiencing any inappropriate behaviour by any co-workers. Other than this, do take the feedback about yourself, this might sound weird, I mean how can you ask someone directly about how they feel about you? Talk to the employees indirectly and see how what they talk about each other about the boss’ scenario.

This will help you to build confidence in them as they would feel more responsible, dignified and vocal about their opinions.

Assign mentors for the particular field

You being the leader of a company cannot go after every employee and their work plus the fact is every worker want to experience and more learning. Hence, assign an experienced mentor you the employees to ensure that their work is being monitored and they learn working under your company name.

This will generate dedication among the workers as they would feel that are being monitored under the eye of someone who has knowledge about their field. This will also up their scale in the work field which will generate good results for your company.

Built and show trust over your employee

You employee will have only confidence in you if have the same in them. If you or your actions imply that you don’t trust your workforce for leading a task, making a decision, or leading a team, then their result will reduce with the passing time.

For a fact, even if you do not trust your employee, never express it. Manage the situation accordingly but never do this. If you are leading a company, your employees are your backbone, never let them down.

Show support and free them to initiate any task

Not for the fresher but for the employees who have been associated with you since quite a time, or who have the experience, make them lead a task and let them make a decision for a task. Support them if they have an opinion over something, don’t belittle them.

Give them a task and offer them full freedom of the process. This way they would feel the responsibility and try to create the best results and with efficiency.

Take their advice, suggestions

You know employees feel quite boring when they are not being asked for advice or suggestions. You might not know that employees have the best of the suggestion for any task. Now if you ask why? Then let me tell you, the employees don’t have the pressure of running a company. They are just doing what they are asked to.

Amid this, they have the largest and the most creative ideas of how the task can be accomplished. Hence, try and take advice and suggestions from your employees to generate the company results. Surely, it will bring confidence in them as they would take the work as their personal development.

Keep the office environment healthy and happy

Ensure that there are no verbal brawls, enmity, or personal grudges between the employees. Also, ensure that your employees are not scared of you. This would affect their performance with you around which is not good at all. Try and keep the working environment of the office healthy and happy. You would not want your employees to sit quietly, working, not communicating without any creativity.

It is very important for you as a businessman or a company owner to maintain relations with your employees. Make them feel comfortable and confident to generate a useful evolution of your company.

With a pinch of humour and realistic approach, Garima Aggarwal is a Creative Content Writer working with TABSCAP. She has been into the field since last 2 years wanting to develop change with her words and thoughts. She is passionate about her work and writes about topics related to Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Paid Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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